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Continuous Learning

The Alfie AI algorithm is based on unsupervised learning thus it is constantly identifying new patterns and relearning to read variables. Our data scientists and engineers work alongside professionals from the relevant fields to research and update our AI models to ensure it remains relevant, especially now during a global pandemic.

Customised To Your Risk Profiles

We collaborate closely with you to ensure that our AI aligns to your objectives and calibrates to your risk profiling.

Flexible Commercial Model

Our flexible commercial model caters to enterprises of all sizes and allows easy access to the latest technology to monetize your data sources or to obtain other sources to support their business.

Transforming Data

Our technology can extract, transform and integrate structured and unstructured data from various digital sources and types.

Using Alternative Data To Power Your Business

We decipher alternative data such as smartphone metadata, geolocation, social media and transaction data to consider business risks from financial, behavioural and digital perspectives.

Integrating financial, behavioural and digital perspectives

Our work considers the key aspects that matter for risk assessments. We obtain alternative data covering these 3 components and make sense of it.

The financial aspect, which is the prevailing and traditional way of assessing risks, remain the most relevant method today to assess risks. However, the prevalence of the gig economy, high usage of cash and growing adoption of cryptocurrencies creates gaps in obtaining a full picture of a prospect’s financial health.

An interesting development is the study of behavioural economics (BE) and its impact on people’s decisions on their lives, especially in their relationship with risks and money. We incorporate the study of BE and psychology in understanding the insights gained from our alternative data depository to provide granular and intimate understanding of your prospects.

Digital footprints now reveal a lot more about people’s lifestyles, preferences and their background. While we respect people’s personal lives and their privacy, some relevant information may indicate that they are a good customer that is responsible, conscientious and careful. These types of insights would be beneficial for everyone to know so that pricing of services and products could be risk-adjusted for fairer pricing.


Risk indicators considered (and growing)


Continuous risk monitoring


Operating in South East Asia


Processing time

Our Capabilities

Customer Insights

  • Behavioral analysis
  • Customer profiling
  • Digital footprints analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Cross-selling and up-selling discovery
  • Customer experience enhancement

Risk Management

  • Hybrid credit scoring
  • Perpetual credit monitoring
  • Insurance claim/Loss experience analysis
  • Fraud detection

Portfolio Innovation

  • Performance analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Cross-selling and up-selling discovery
  • Customer experience enhancement

Our Industry Focus

Customer Profiling

  • Targeted Customer acquisition strategy
  • Matching of products based on risk profiles/lifestyle

Alternative Data Credit Scoring

  • Categorization of applicants (i.e. good, mediocre, low quality, fraudsters)
  • Scoring based on financial, behaviourial and digital data
  • Suggesting pricing and limits for loans

Perpetual Credit Monitoring

  • Monitoring of lifestyle and behaviours to detect changes in credit profile
  • Early alert to check-in on customers
  • Pre-emptively managing potential default accounts

Customer Profiling

  • Targeted Customer acquisition strategy
  • Pre-screening of customers
  • Matching of products based on risk profiles/lifestyle

Premium Optimisation

  • Aligning pricing with risk exposure experience based on actual customer profile
  • Up-selling or cross selling opportunities

Claims Processing

  • Collaboration of digital data points to support claims
  • Fraud detection
  • Analysis of risk exposure based on claim trends and personalized unstructured data

The application of alternative data is varied and only limited by our imagination and curiosity. Other use cases include:

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Customer profiling to understand buying behaviour (e.g. impact of sales, timing of purchase, price sensitivity, etc)

Data Processing

Validation of data processing results by staff through the assessment of patterns in workflow, error rate and output

Market Research

Conduct of online based market research that also evaluates the authenticity, honesty and reliability of results by assessing various factors such as pause before answering, frequency of changes to answers, time and place of taking the survey etc.


Proof of Concept Scoping

Data Collection and AI Training

Data Insights & Validation

Result Assessment into Decision Making

The Alfie AI will give you insights into:


  • Digital lifestyle trends
  • Financial discipline

Individual specific

  • Affordability and spending patterns
  • Earning capacity and education/ qualifications
  • Financial literacy level
  • Habits and preferences from digital footprints
  • Social interactions and online reputation

SME specific

  • Financial performance
  • Corporate website performance
  • E-commerce performance
  • Digital marketing effectiveness
  • Digital reputation

The Alfie AI will give you insights into:

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